Borosilicate Glass Cone Shaped Water Pipe 7″

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Weed connoisseurs know that using a water pipe is one of the best ways to smoke dry herb. But it’s not always practical to use a super large bong because well, they aren’t the easiest to travel with. If you’re looking for a portable & durable water pipe that delivers smooth & flavorful hits, take a look at this beauty.

This cone-shaped, 7-inch tall water pipe is constructed of highly durable 6mm thick borosilicate glass. There’s an inverted side bubble that cools and smooths the smoke before you inhale from the round mouthpiece on top.

Included is a 14mm male glass herb slide with a handle for easy lifting.

This very durable borosilicate Glass Cone Water Pipe makes a great daily driver and an excellent travel companion. Grab yours today!

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